Travel Journal: London (Part Two)

Days 19, 20, 21 and 22

It was difficult knowing that we would soon be returning to Australia when we were enjoying London so much. We knew we had to make the last few days the best that we could, so we decided to fit in as much as possible!

On the 19th day of our trip, we continued to explore the city and its most famous sights. We ventured on the London Eye, which boasted the most beautiful views. From this height we could see London's fusion of both the modern and historic. Viewing structures like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from above at dusk, was so special and an unforgettable experience to say the least.

The following day we started with our daily breakfast at Palm Court at The Langham. The spread of food I chose consisted of pancakes and/or waffles (#treatyoself), and lots and lots of English Breakfast Tea...

After indulging in our first meal of the day, Mum and I met up with our friend Louise from Melbourne. Together we took the tube to Knightsbridge where, you guessed it, we visited the famous Harrods. We explored every corner of the place, and then decided to have some bubbly at one of the bars... Who said 11am was too early for champagne?

We then progressed back to The Langham, where we had a traditional high tea in the city that invented it. Yet high tea at The Langham was out of this world, with their own award-winning pastry chef, whose sweet creations change on a daily basis according to different themes. We were at complete ease as we sipped our champagne, ate scones with jam and cream, all the while listening to a jazz pianist in Palm Court...

Thursday was our last full day in the city, and after having experienced the sights of London, it was time to SHOP!

Mum and I started at the top of Oxford Street, where we saw Topshop, Urban Outfitters and more. We gradually walked towards Selfridges, walking past the likes of Debenhams and HMV along the way. We expected London Selfridges to be much like our own David Jones here in Melbourne, but it exceeded all of our expectations. There were the 'Shakespeare Windows' for example, which took lyrics from Shakespeare's tragedies, and paired them with curated designer pieces. My favourite was Christopher Kane's interpretation of Romeo and Juliet (see more here). Even more than the windows were the cafes inside the department store, one which was decorated with vines of lavender on the mirrored ceiling.

We also visited Fortnum and Mason, whose staircase was decorated with these pink flowers...

That night was our last night in London and to celebrate, we enjoyed delicious Indian cuisine at the opulent Chutney Mary. Light chatter filled the room, as well as the sound of clinking glasses. The atmosphere was so relaxing and the food was flavoursome and flawless. Mum and I promised that if we ever returned to London, Chutney Mary would be a priority on our itinerary!

Friday was bittersweet. While we were excited to return home and see our family, we knew that we would miss this incredible city and our experiences abroad.

For the last time, we ate our breakfast at Palm Court, saying our goodbyes to the friendly wait staff that we had gotten to know over the week. We then ventured off on a sombre walk, as we absorbed everything that we loved about London. We walked through Green Park towards Buckingham Palace, where we looked through the big black gates, carefully watching the Queen's Guard. We then walked through Regent and Oxford Streets, admiring their diversity. In London you could be anyone, and I guess that is what we loved the most about it.

It was time to check out of our hotel, and seeing as we did not need to leave for the airport for another hour, we made time for afternoon tea at the Langham Club. I had a pot of English tea served in Wedgewood china, accompanied by my favourite white chocolate and macadamia cookies. I had grown accustomed to such indulgent afternoon teas, and I still miss living such an easy life overseas, with no commitments whatsoever!

Soon we were back where it had all begun, at Heathrow Airport, and before we knew it we were up and away...


Today marks three months since my trip, a trip that I planned only a month in advance, and a trip that changed the way I think today.

I am so grateful for my experience abroad, and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel in the first place. Not only did I travel with some of the most amazing people, but I also grew on a personal level. Firstly, I never thought I could endure an international flight alone, and secondly, the thought of being away from the majority of my family for a month scared me to say the least. But I did it, and I feel all the better for it.

Going overseas really inspired me, and even today it leaves me with a sense of ambition. On that note I urge anyone that has an opportunity to travel, to take advantage of it!

Thank you for reading my Travel Journal series. I hope that you have enjoyed these posts, as much as I did writing them!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

Originally posted on October 23, 2016