Travel Journal: Gibraltar

Day 10: Sea

How was it already the tenth day of our travels? It felt as though this trip had only just begun, but in reality it was nearly over...

On our tenth day, we were at sea. We started our morning on the later side, and we all met up for breakfast at the ship's buffet restaurant Oceanview Cafe. After a delicious breakfast, we then went along to a tango class, which was a good laugh and a lot of fun!

Seeing as the weather was warmer than it would have been back home in Melbourne, we spent our afternoon outdoors, first watching a ping-pong tournament and then relaxing poolside. It was so enjoyable laying by the pool, with nothing but time on our side...

It was soon dinner, and we had our first meal at the premium restaurant Ocean Liners. The food at Ocean Liners was quite fancy, and we even had strawberry crepes made right in front of us for dessert.

Day 11: Gibraltar

Strange is the best way to describe the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Think caves, tunnels, and Moorish castles... Not to mention the threat of monkeys stealing your food or climbing into your taxi. While it was certainly a weird place, I kind of loved it all the more!

Knowing the vast distance between each of the attractions, we decided it was best to take a private tour of Gibraltar, which would cover all that there was to see. We started with the incredible St. Michael's Cave, which was illuminated with LED coloured lights and where the locals have their concerts.

We then headed for the main attraction of this British territory, the Rock of Gibraltar. It was here that we met many of the locals, and by locals I mean monkeys. I had never seen a monkey outside of confinement, which was both scary and exhilarating. The best part? Seeing a monkey nurse its baby - it does not get much cuter than that!

After meeting the locals (the monkeys), we were dropped off at Catalan Beach, a hidden gem for tourists like us. We stopped there for a fresh seafood lunch, and then enjoyed a swim afterwards. The water was crystal clear; maybe a little too clear... As soon as I saw little lizards swimming around my feet, I made a run for it! Could this place get any weirder?!

After soaking up some European sunshine, we headed back to the main road where we were meant to catch a taxi. After 20 minutes we were left waiting and began to panic. Would we miss the cruise departure time? To make matters worse, we were quite far from where the ship had docked, and had to be back in less than an hour. Lucky for us, a taxi eventually picked us up, and we soon learnt that five minutes in Gibraltar means half an hour.

What a day! I loved the strange qualities of Gibraltar. It was like no other place I had ever visited, and I definitely recommend travelling there for a unique and unforgettable experience. One word of advice: watch out for those monkeys!

Stay tuned for the next Travel Journal on Malaga, our last stop on the cruise.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx