Travel Journal: La Coruña

Day 8: La Coruña

Another one of my favourite places that I visited on my trip was La Coruña. Think blue skies, sunshine, and the most picturesque views.

Arriving in La Coruña (also known as A Coruña), we did not have any shore excursions planned. As we left the ship however, there were many local tours to choose from. We chose Hercules Tours, and ventured on a two-hour bus tour of the city.

One of the stops on the tour was the Tower of Hercules, a Roman lighthouse situated on the top of a steep hill. Behind the tower, there was a great vantage point, where we stopped for some typical tourist pictures.


Following on from our tour, we decided to find somewhere to eat along the promenade. We found a restaurant called Cervecería La Marina where we had one of our best meals yet. We tried many traditional Spanish tapas like a Spanish omelette, and Empanada Casera (a stuffed and fried pastry with fish as the filling).

We did a tour of the city, had some lunch, then what? Well, there was only one other thing we had to do… We had to visit the original Zara store and do some shopping!

Our day in La Coruña was a day well spent. We were able to see the sights of the city, taste the local cuisine, and squeeze in some shopping too! If I were to travel to Spain again, I would definitely be adding La Coruña to my itinerary.

Stay tuned for the next Travel Journal on Porto, Portugal.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx