Travel Journal: Flying

On Wednesday June 29, I left Melbourne for my trip abroad. I remember feeling quite nervous, as it was my first time flying alone. I was very fortunate to be flying business class, which made the flight a lot more comfortable.

I arrived at Melbourne Airport at 7pm. After checking in, I headed straight for the Emirates Business Class Lounge...

The lounge itself was incredible. There was complimentary food and drinks (even champagne), and plenty of space to relax pre-flight. I enjoyed some dinner in the lounge, a vegetable curry to be specific. I also indulged in some dessert, because... WHY NOT?!

It was soon 9pm, and we were called to board our flight.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by staff with a glass of Moët & Chandon. Looking around, I was amazed at how the layout had changed since the last time I had flown. There were now so many seats. I was in a window seat at the front of the business class section, which meant I sat on my own, and had nobody beside me.

Emirates Business Class

My first flight was from Melbourne to Dubai. Arriving in Dubai, I was led straight to the Business Class Lounge. Again, the lounge was great. It was ten times the size of the one in Melbourne, and there were so many facilities. I was able to have a shower, which made me feel more refreshed. There were also designated sleeping areas, a day spa, and plenty of places to eat, including a healthy buffet with fresh juice and smoothies.

After exploring the lounge it was soon time for my next flight, Dubai to Barcelona. This flight was around seven hours in duration, which was much less than the previous flight of thirteen hours.

Though it was an extremely long period of flying, I was so lucky and am so grateful to have flown business class. I felt quite comfortable (or as comfortable as one can feel on a long-haul flight), and was really taken care of by the Emirates staff.

Stay tuned for the next travel journal on Barcelona...

Chelsea Elizabeth xx