Book Club: How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

What does it mean to be a Parisienne? Is it window-shopping along Place Vendôme? Or picking up freshly baked goods from Angelina? In this tell-all book, four Parisian friends decide what it means exactly to be a woman in Paris.


How to be Parisian Wherever You Are oozes style and effortlessness. It commands its readers to emulate the modern Parisian in five parts: Get the Basics, Own Your Bad Habits, Cultivate Your Allure, Dare to Love and Parisian Tips.

In Get the Basics the Parisian woman boasts confidence. She is fearless in every domain – she does not “live life halfway” or wait around for himto finally call. Instead, she spends her spare time on a bench – whether it be to “read a book” or simply be seenreading a book.

Own Your Bad Habits dissects the daily contradictions made by the modern Parisian. “She says hello to everyone but wants totalk to no one.” In this part of the book, the Parisienne is presented as cunning and clever. “Most of the time, the officer lets her go and is willing to overlook her misdemeanour. He is the only kind of man on whom her tears seem to work.”

It is all about the essentials in Cultivate Your Allure- from demeanour to clothing. “Take a Parisienne’s jeans out of her closet and she feels stark naked.”

From discussing the ideal man who “may not be perfect”, to a mother’s advice on love, Dare to Love presents Parisians as true artisans of love. Readers are told to be in love with love – a process the Parisian calls “crystallization”. It is a form of “madness”, one that entrances a woman to “dream up a life with someone who doesn’t even know her name.”

Lastly there is Parisian Tips. This last part of the book offers insight into the city of love. From an address book that includes “an impromptu dinner party” on Rue du Faubourg Saint- Denis, to “fifteen words you need”, this is the ultimate guide for wanderlust readers.

How to be Parisian Wherever You Are is bound to make its readers smile, and maybe even laugh. Its relatable qualities stem from its authorship made up of four Parisienne women: Caroline, Anne, Sophie and Audrey. As they share what it is to be a woman in Paris, they dismiss the preconceived stereotype of perfection. For these women, the Parisienne is not the perfect being – she recognises her flaws, and realises that she is “arrogant” and sometimes a “snob”. She is a confident woman, and someone who appreciates the little things that make her who she is. She is Parisienne.

How to be Parisian Wherever You Are will leave you wanting more. Before you know it you will be starting a collection of your own “little big treats”, and perhaps even hosting your own Parisian dinner party.


Chelsea Elizabeth xx