Where to Find the Best Coffee in the Melbourne CBD


While Melbourne is no longer the world’s most liveable city, it certainly has the world’s best coffee. Here, coffee is not just a hot beverage, it is a lifestyle.

Coffee unites us Melburnians. It gives us a way to catch up, to get from point A to B, and to warm up on a cold rainy day.

Walk around the city for five minutes and you are sure to see people with a coffee cup (printed with the name of a popular cafe) in hand.

I have been drinking coffee for as long as I have been living in this beautiful city, and if my time here has taught me anything, it is where to find the best flat white. Here are a few of my favourite places for a caffeine fix…

Tulip Coffee

If you get caught up in the crowds on the corner of Degraves Street and Flinders Lane, you might just miss Tulip Coffee. But if you walk towards Flinders Street Station, you will see this gem tucked between Doughnut Time and Clementine’s.

Tulip Coffee is everything that a Melbourne cafe should be: small, quirky and charming. This cafe serves coffee and a few sweet treats, making it the perfect stop on your way to class or work. An added bonus is that the staff are very friendly and accomodating.

Sensory Lab

Sensory Lab is where I first fell in love with coffee. It was love at first bean…

I have been going to Sensory Lab on Little Collins Street for well over a year now. I love how consistent the coffee is there. It always has the same strong, nutty flavour.

The ambiance of this Melbourne cafe is what I would say makes it so unique. There is the takeaway window on Little Collins Street, as well as a seating area inside. The space is used as a thoroughfare to the David Jones men’s department, which is why on the weekends, I like to sit at a window seat and people-watch.

This place does get busy, so if you want to get a seat inside, I would definitely recommend getting there early! The staff are also very approachable and knowledgable about their brews.

Kit Espresso

If you enter the Royal Arcade from Elizabeth Street, you will find Kit Espresso. Though small and only open during the week, Kit Espresso is well-worth a visit. This is the perfect place to have a coffee alone, and enjoy the atmosphere of this iconic Melbourne arcade. There are seats inside, as well as some along the famous black and white tiles of the Royal Arcade.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Dukes is a popular spot for Melburnians and visitors alike. I do not think this cafe ever experiences a quiet moment! Expect to hunt for a seat inside, and to join in a lengthy queue when ordering your coffee.

Dukes encapsulates the very essence of Melbourne coffee culture, so I highly recommend ticking this one off your list of cafes to visit.


If you are familiar with my YouTube channel, or any of my social media accounts for that matter, you will know that I am a regular at Brunetti. È il mio bar preferito a Melbourne! In fact, I used to pop into their Lygon Street store a lot, until they recently opened a city store.

Brunetti is an all-rounder. It is the ideal spot for a coffee or dinner catch-up with family and friends. From its Trecce alla Sicialiana pasta dish to their Lavazza lattes, Brunetti is a crowd pleaser. It also has an atmosphere that many cafes do not. I would not call it relaxing, as their city store can be chaos at the best of times… But that is the beauty of Brunetti!

There you have it: the cafes that I regularly grab my soy flat whites from. Where do you get your coffee from, and what is your usual order? Leave a comment down below, as I would love to know!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx